Celebrity Money For Nothing

WITHIN approximately two seconds of Jay Blades entering my house, I knew we were going to have fun.

Jay is the new presenter of BBC1’s Money For Nothing and travelled to my home in the Perthshire hills for a ‘celebrity’ version of the show. I know, get me.


The charismatic Jay Blades

The premise is simple – professional upcyclers Sarah Moore and Jay have a nosey around the celeb’s home, find junk, transform it and sell it for a charity of your choice.

Having built our home from scratch 18 months ago, everything is new and I worried there would be nothing for Jay’s magic touch.

He found an old chair I’ve always meant to upholster and up-do – but in honestly it vole have been there for another year looking like a spare part.

I love property and always think this should mean I make my own cushions; you know, make a mirror from old coat hangers or orange peel – but really, it’s never going to happen. Well, not anytime soon.


We laughed a lot!

The chair was a good start but nothing Jay hadn’t seen before and I wanted him to remember his trip to Scotland.

And then it happened..a wander outside and a wee glint in his eye later, he spotted something glistening in our garden.

The animal trough was all his, I told him. It was full of stagnant water, used years ago to feed sheep – before we bulldozed the field and created a home. I’d been wondering how I was going to get it removed.

And. Do. You. Know. What. He. Made. I’m still in awe. He went away, came back and showed me pictures of a bench – an outdoor one with jazzy jellyfish wallpaper (varnished over to weather the weather) , with storage, a tray for drinks and shaped like a train as a nod to my outnumbered-ness by choo-choos and blue.

I mean. Really. A jellyfish trough bench? Such talent and imagination is off the scale.

As for the chair, a woman called Sarah Petersen in Perth gave it an unrecognisable make-over, with pom poms and flower fabric. It inspired me and I kid you not, a spare bedroom has a bit of a pom pom theme starting up.

I’m itching to show you pictures – just a slight technical glitch but I’ll post them soon.

Most importantly,  all of this equated to a handsome profit for my charity the British Brain and Spine Foundation.

Jay’s turn of phrase I adore, almost as much as he loves a Tunnocks tea-cake and everything Scottish. He’s brilliant.

Can I do it all again?


You can catch the episode, also featuring my Homes Under The Hammer mucker Martin Roberts, right here:


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