Hammer Time!

I am SO sorry I’ve been so rubbish at posting.

Between getting my dream gig and having a baby (almost at the same time) my wee brain short-circuited and there was no room for blogs.

I’m the new girl on Homes Under The Hammer!

I’ve been a fan for years so getting the gig was somewhat surreal.

Not least on links days, standing between Martin and Dion.

I’ve been welcomed so warmly and have such a laugh on shoots it shouldn’t be allowed.

So, half a life of three very young boys and half of mould, damp, subsidence and..and PUNS.

For a pun-lover like me, there’s no better show.


Dion Dublin, Martel Maxwell and Martin Roberts

I’ll post more from now I promise – with a bit more insight than ‘it’s such a laugh’, but I wanted to say hello. It’s been a while.

I won’t become ‘semi-detached’ from you again. No matter how ‘flat’ out. BOOOOM.

Homes Under The Hammer, BBC1, 10am weekdays

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