Our team of men who built our house

HURRAY! We are almost in our new house, which we’ve built from scratch.

When I say ‘we’ I mean a team of men and apart from getting a home at the end of the process, getting to know them has been the best thing about the process.

Over the year it’s taken to build, I’ve often thought telling you about these men who are now friends.

martel and buildersWe’ve learnt a whole new language of descriptive words from Eoin, found out after months that Liam has three bravery awards (one for rescuing a child who had fallen into dangerous waters. If you google Liam Mackenzie and bravery awards you’ll see him in a splendid purple tie and shirt combo with Alex Salmond), enjoyed the excitement of Rab’s first trip abroad with his family and enjoyed dealing with a very decent gaffer and his dog Patch.

One of the West End Construction’s number (I won’t say the name in case I’ve been had..but I don’t think I have) is a fan of regular Botox, which gives endless fodder to take the mick.

One guy comes in most mornings, cursing the fact he had a take-away for the fifth night in a row – and he’s definitely going to cook something himself that night…and never does.

A good tradesman is in high demand and it’s not a bad option for young ones instead of being saddled with university debt. Work hard and you can have your own business too.

My grandfather was a plasterer and though he might not be here, I know there are swirls on walls all over Dundee, made by him and enjoyed by many.

My gran was a home help. Again, it might not be top for the glamorous career choices but the thing that matters above money or public prestige is surely your own pride in making a difference.

They might not get the bonuses of a trader in London but what has that trader got to show at the end of a day? I know one guy who leaves home before his baby gets up and gets home after his son is in bed.

He has a load of cash but has he built a house? Comforted an old woman and cooked her a nice tea? Saved a life like a doctor or nurse?

Back to our team of builders.

I’m glad I took up cakes every couple of days and my husband is glad he worked on site for a while. It was a privilege to feel part of something.

I took a picture to show you but also to show our boys that these are the men who built our family home. They’ve changed our lives and they change many more. And they’ve given us a laugh along the way.

I’m assured I can always find a few of them come Friday night in a handful of pubs – I might just join them for a pint.


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