Reviewing the papers on Lorraine

WHEN I received a tweet wishing myself and Michael a Merry Chistmas, I wondered who the hell Michael was. The response made me laugh like a drain. “You and your husband Michael Portillo. I miss you both on Lorraine.”

So well did the former Conservative MP and I get on, we were paired together for years to review the papers on the morning show. And I’ve had a few people assume we were a couple. We were not, but I did adore him a wee bit. As my mother-in-law puts it, “not a word out of that man’s mouth is wasted.”

Michael is measured, intelligent and charming – and next to Lorraine, it’s the person people most want to know “what are they really like?” Well he’s the sort of person who (this happened one week) graciously insists on me speaking first on the topic of working under a strong female boss, when he could front a documentary on his years under Margaret Thatcher.

I enjoyed the company of all my fellow pundits – right-wingers, lefties, journos a and a few comedians. Like Adil Ray, who took a call after the show over breakfast at the Ivy Club, to discuss an idea for a new tv show…aka the ubiquitous Citizen Khan. Proof that sometimes all you need is a great idea and a whole lot of drive.

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