Talking Geordie Shore on MTV

I needed a long shower after doing homework for this project – watching back to back episodes of reality show Geordie Shore, for a talking heads show for MTV.

Christ, who has sex knowing it’s being filmed for tv? Who whispers ‘chlamydia’ into the ear of a guy mid-hump, thinking it’s erotic? The lads and lasses of the Newcastle-based show, that’s who. And a handful of the cast they’ve made a career out of it.

Charlotte and Gaz get a lot of headlines but it’s Vicky Pattison my money’s on to be the next Jordan. For say what you want about Katie Price (and she has her knockers, boom boom) she is a business machine. From bedding ranges to high-flying novels (albeit ghost-written) to an equestrian range and autobiographies, she is a force to be reckoned with – with a bank balance to match.

A quick look at Vicky’s credits since leaving the show are impressive – best-selling novels, a hair extension range, her own spin-off show for MTV. To capitalise on her fifteen minutes shows tenacity and ambition.

As for Geordie Shore, I won’t be snobbish about it. It’s filthy and car-crash telly but that in no small part makes it must-watch-till-the-credits-roll.

And good luck to the cast. They might need it when it comes to finding a date who doesn’t run a mile.

The best thing you can do at any party is leave them wanting more – and that’s what Vicky did and why my showbiz instincts tell me Queen Vic is the one to watch.


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