Visiting the set of Emmerdale for Lorraine

IMG_7512I’ve been lucky enough to visit the set of Corrie – and now Emmerdale to interview cast members for Lorraine.

I say lucky because the feeling of walking onto the cobbles – then more recently lingering outside the Woolpack – was one of a prize winner. A soap fan in her pyjamas eating Digestives who has crawled through her tv screen.

And Emmerdale was something else. A real village built just for the show – a gorgeous stone church, houses, the local shop, the Woolpack. Perfect, in fact.

And the feeling from actors was that they couldn’t get over their luck in coming to ‘work’ every day surrounded by the beauty of the Yorkshire countryside with a group of colleagues they considered friends.

To boot, the press officer was hilarious and the Lorraine team, as ever, an absolute joy.

If I could just have a wee livened in the Queen Vic to complete the treble…

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