Worldly Wallpaper

DETERMINED to make our boys’ bedroom uncluttered, hoping it whispered ‘sleeeep’ rather than ‘toy time’, it is the tidiest room in our house.
This is only possible because of a play room downstairs, containing a medley off plastic and wheels.
It was one of the first things we drew on a floor plan of the house we went on to build: a play area off the kitchen. Thankfully, they love it.

Welcome to our world of blue

Welcome to our world of blue – Monty and Chester should do better at geography than their mum (

The colour theme is blue – not just because they’re boys but it’s light, peaceful and calm.
Mind you, all this ‘don’t pigeon hole your boy with blue and cars’ or your daughter with pink and dollies is redundant given my two boys (and I know I’m not alone) have eagerly pigeon-holed themselves from the off, preferring blue and anything that roars or zooms.
Bed covers are blue gingham, while their names are embroidered and framed by my talented cousin Jill. The sort of present money can’t buy.
Although most of the house has cherry wood flooring, I thought it important to come down a gear for night time – and all the bedrooms are carpeted in creamy beige – comforting and cushioned on newly bathed or tired feet.
But the best bit is a world map in various hues of blue on one wall by Murals Wallpaper (link under the photo above). We sent them the dimensions which they made and cut the design accordingly.
It wasn’t easy to hang – matching countries, seas and words so Russia didn’t border Greenland. I know because I watched my husband do it!

'Sea of Trees' from

‘Sea of Trees’ from

Everyone loves it.
And while waiting for one or other of the boys to nod off, I’m amazed at how my geography – never a strong point – has improved, culminating in a Saturday Telegraph Pub Quiz correct answer of blinking Uzbekistan!
I’m considering another map in greys on one wall in a guest bedroom. You can take your own picture, have a peaceful forrest, go for the Banksy ‘girl with balloon’, London underground, cityscapes and oodles of other options.
After all, why should kids have all the fun?

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