Crieff, The Perfect Family AND Spa Holiday

I won’t lie. The selfish bit of me thought twice about sharing this, for fear of a mass rush resulting in a fully booked hotel.

But the nice bit of me won over. 


Crieff Hydro’s Victorian Baths


PART of the reason spa trips are such an indulgence for mums is it requires sorting childcare for the kids.

The two things – kids and spas are mutually exclusive – simply cannot occur together.

And yet. THEY CAN.

That’s my discovery after visiting Crieff Hydro this week.

The hotel and lodges are hardly a secret – last year they were voted best family resort in the UK, resulting I noticed in availability lessening and prices increasing such was the soar in interest.

To keep things reasonable, you really have to book outside school holiday times or way in advance.

I’ve been to the Perthshire resort many times since my teens, but perspective changes as a mum and more recently I’ve marvelled at their child care service, which allows two sessions each lasting two hours free of charge for each day of your stay.

Got my steam room glow on

Result in itself. But this time, while the boys were in (the brilliant) Big Country club I decided to investigate the sign for ‘Victorian Baths’ and what I discovered changed my holiday experience.

An adult-only escape with its own 16 metre pool (a hidden secret below the family friendly pool above) with steam room, sauna and jacuzzi – with a £10 charge for each two-hour session.

Crieff guarantees an amazing, adventure-packed holiday for your family and children – that’s not news, I’ve been going since I was a kid and remember it being a dry hotel – that’s right, no booze, until the 90s.

But combining family with a cheeky wee hour or two to yourself to relax? Absolute heaven.

Once in the oasis of the Victorian baths, fluffy bathrobes await (and did I mention the kids are playing happily with amazing, qualified , friendly staff?!)  complimentary teas, a vanity room with hair straighteners and hairdryers.

The ornate Victorian-esque paintings on the ceiling are best appreciated while attempting a back stroke – or from a lounger with complimentary herbal tea or cucumber-infused water.

The Victorian baths are obviously a find for anyone at the resort without kids too – for if you find the place overrun with tots, there are adult-only places to go. On this note, I spotted a grown-up, cosy bar in the hotel too.

There is a full menu of treatments to choose from too, from hot stone massages to facials and foot relievers. I didn’t get to this point this time round..but, oh Good Crieff, I’ll dream of the day.

Post spa, I emerged feeling all a-glow and pink of face. You’re right, it could be high blood pressure. Or it might be a delicious hour to myself.

I don’t think I speak only for myself when I say that sometimes it’s the wee, unexpected nuggets of solitude or indulgence (and preferably both) that makes us a better mum, dad, sister, friend, human.

You’re welcome.


*This blog was written simply to spread the love – no freebie, no letting the resort know I’ve written about them. Just..enjoy!



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