My most enjoyable ‘Breaking The News’ yet

image1SOMETIMES, you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone and pitting yourself against four razor sharp comedians was definitely doing that.

My third recording of BBC Radio Scotland panel show Breaking The News was the most enjoyable yet.

That could be down to the fact the penny finally dropped I’m there in no way to compete against professional funny people, but there in the journalist, straight role.

This is just as well, because it turns out I’m only funny unintentionally – or there to set up a really funny line for one of the professional funny people.

It was also an absolute treat to have Rory Bremner on the panel. In the green room, he got into Scottish mode with a brilliant Gavin Hastings and treated us to a ‘Fred MacAulay’ that was more spot on than the real thing.

Why he’s not got a primetime satire comedy show has me scratching my head. With a political landscape as rich as Corbyn, Farage, Cameron (al of which we glimpsed like giddy school kids) the time has never been so ripe.

The show’s host is Des Clarke and every time I join him on stage for the recording, I’m taken aback by his full package – now there’s an unintentional line he’d do something with in a flash. Presenters who are gracious to guests, encouraging them to make the most of their time, are a joy and Des is one of them. And he listens – seizing his contestants’ offerings and coming back with the very talent that does make an audience roar.

It’s little wonder my teammate Keir McAllister is a regular fixture on Breaking The News with his dry, droll rants that resonate. And watch out for a young, foxy lady called Fern Brady. I heard one audience member say: “That girl’s in a world of her own, but I kind of love it.”

This show is gold. It just works. And it should be on telly too.

Breaking the News, Series 2, Episode 2 is on BBC Radio Scotland on Friday March 18 at 1.30pm and repeated on Saturday 19 March at 11.30am.

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